c# - getloadlevelstatus - getstatevariable

c# - getloadlevelstatus - getstatevariable


maybe i'm missing something but i tried and tried and can't get it to work, so maybe someone can help me

when i'm using the upnp-tools "device spy" and "network light" i can perfectly switch on/off the light or get/set the loadlevelstatus of the dimmingservice

the problem is the following: when i'm using the upnp-c#-sdk, i can also switch on/off the light or set the loadlevel BUT i can't get the current state or loadlevel (not with the method and also not with GetStateVariable) - no matter what i try, i always get null as a result

i would be very thankful, if someone could provide some sample code (the one i could download did not cover these cases)


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