Build Release Notes for Intel DHDCW v.1.0.2777

Build Release Notes for Intel DHDCW v.1.0.2777

(All the changes that mention QOS support arespecifically talking about 802.1p packet tagging. Support was added in a generic fashion, but only Win32 has a default provider, using qWave).

DLNAHTTPClient:Added QOS Support

MicroAVRCP.c:Added a null check to prevent ac rash caused by a malformed device

UPnPControlPointStructs.h / UPnPControlPoint.h:Added callback to notify application if device discovery failed

ILibWebClient.h:Added QOS support

ILibParsers.h/.c:Fixed some Linux compile errors,fixed white spacing errors in XML parser

ILibParsers.c:Removed compiler warning for unreferenced variable

ILibAsyncSocket.h:Added QOS Support

UPnPControlPoint.c:Added callback to notify application if device discovery failed,added QOS Support,fixed crash on shutdown that happened when above DeviceDiscoveryFailed callback was not set.

main.c: The microstack was modified to shut down differently on Linux.The sig handler used to stop the microstack, which would then stop the threadpool when the microstack quit. This caused a race condition, because the threadpool could be doing operations on the microstack, thereforethe signal handler was modified to dispatch the microstack thread to call stopchain after it first frees the threadpool.

ILibWebClient.c:Added QOS Support

ILibAsyncSocket.c:Added QOS Support,fixed some Linux compiler errors

Fixed some linux compiler errors

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