I have got a problem with writing/executing a UPNP mediaserver written in C#. I use the class Intel.UPNP.AV.MediaServer.DV.MediaServerDevice, add a DvMediaContainer and a MusicTrack to the server's resources. The file is a mp3 audio file on the server's harddisk.

When I open the AV Media Controller-Tool it instantly finds my server with the container and the file. Then I start the AV Media Renderer WM9 and send the file to it.

But when I click on Play within the renderer the its playstate switches to TRANSITIONING and the application freezes without playing a single second of the song.

I also tested the same procedure with the build of the Intel AV Media Server and with it it worked perfectly. But I really need an implementation in C# of my own.

Can you help me with this problem?

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