C# application development with UPnP tools

C# application development with UPnP tools

I am developing a C# application and using UPnP.DLL provided with "Tools for UPnP Technologies".

I can iterate all devices on the network using UPnPSmartControlPoint class and using upnp:rootdevice as the matching filter.

But i don't know how to use Rescanning logic. If I call Rescan function of UPnPSmartControlPoint class; it does not iterate devices on the network. It even doesn't call the delegate function.

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The rescan doesn't work that way. What rescan does, is issue a newsearch. Devices that were not discovered previously will get evented as anewly discovered device. Devices that were previously discovered but do notrespond to the search, will get evented as a device that was removed.

If you simply want to iterate the devices that were already discovered,there should be a property on the smartcontrolpoint for that.


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please can i have that sample code.
i m also using C# for the UPNP

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