Unable to find C# MediaServer Code

Unable to find C# MediaServer Code

I have downloaded several versions of the author tools and other Intel UpnP tools from the intel site. However, I haven't found any implementation of UPnP AV MediaServer implementation in C#. Also, I have found people saying that they were able to build C# MediaServer using DeviceBuilder. If that is the case, how do you build it

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An update to the authoring tools was posted on 1 August at


I haven't used the C# version but have found it has improved the Java implementation.

I am unable to find the Java Version as well. Can you please guide. Even a Java version is fine for me. When I build it through Device Builder, I just get an API, which doesn't have any implementation. Is this the way it is or does Intel provide any startup code.I can find lot of code in C/C++ but nothing in java and C#

Firstly, I am using the version of the Device Builder that is in the Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard download at the bottom of the page at http://www3.intel.com/cd/ids/developer/asmo-na/eng/downloads/upnp/index.htm. I think that the one on the Intel Authoring Tools for UPnP is a much older build that has not been updated for a considerable time.

When I first became aware of the new build a couple of months ago, as the result of a query on this forum, I had some intial problems with the Java build which , after some correspondence with Intel support, were resolved in the August 1 update (Version: 1.0.2769). I still have a problem with getting eventing running but am not sure if that is my lack of knowledge or something that is still missing in the Device Builder. There doesn't appear to be anything created in the generated code.

I am not sure what you mean when you say you only get an API with no Implementation code. When, after configuring the device and included services, I run the Export Stack item in the File menu, Device builder generates the following in the target directory:

  1. A JBuilder (.jpx) project file.
  2. A copy of the Intel.jar library file
  3. A source code folder containinga java source file for the device and one for each service.

I am not using JBuilder but I import the source code and library into Eclipse and build the application there. Each UPnP action is implemented as a method stub in the service file with a default println and return variable (if needed) eg.

public void getStatus(String[] controllerStatus)

// Place Action Code Here
controllerStatus[0] = "Sample String";

You put your own action implementation or call here and set the return value accordingly.

I haven't actually integrated this into the real target device yet as I only got the new version a couple of days ago and still haven't worked out how to implement eventing.

I have a simulatation of an actual device and had originally abandoned using the intel stack in favour of the Cybergarage stack which did work but will probably try again now that I have the new release.

I make no claim to be any sort of expert in this and am myself feeling my way.

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