does the Intel UPnP Device builder support two root devices ?

does the Intel UPnP Device builder support two root devices ?

is it possible to generate UPnP stack that supports two root devices in the same chain using Intel Device builder?

if not, has anyone tried changing the generated code for this purpose?

any pointers ?


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Yes there is. In the UI, you can right click anywhere in the blank regionin the left window, and select "Add Device", it will add another root device. (If you actually select a device, and do the same, it will add an embedded device).

Another way to do this, you can also click "File" from the menu, and select "Append". Then you can load a pre-existing configuration file. Whatever root device(s) defined in that configuration file will get added as additional root devices to whatever is currently displayed in the window.

When all the root devices are displayed in the window, you can left click on the root device, and in the right window, you can select if you want this root device to be a "Control Point", or a "Device".

Each root device must have a unique "Code Prefix".

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