Intel UPnP Authoring Tool (Device Builder) - what is the latest version?

Intel UPnP Authoring Tool (Device Builder) - what is the latest version?


what is the latest version of Intel UPnP Authoring Tool (Device Builder) ?

where can i find it?

I downloaded the version 1825 Device Builder from the below link:

Is this the latest?


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I tried downloading the file for Intel Tools for UPnP Technologies on

but was unable to unzip the file. I get the error Skipping: IntelToolsForUpnpTechnology.msi: this file is not in the standard Zip2.0 format

Can anyone direct me to a place where i can download the device author and other tools?

Thank you

- ctchong

Somepeople (although not all) do seem to behaving trouble with these files -- we've asked our site team to re-zip and repost them to correct the issue.

However, you're correct that these tools areabout 4 years old now and aren't the newest downloads availablefrom Intel's UPnP group. We encourage you to check out the Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard, availablefrom the bottom of this page.


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Just a followup to say that the issue with the fileshas beenfixed -- previously theycould be opened in WinZip*, but not the Windows* compression utility.


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This is the first reference that I had seen to the Intel Digital Home Device Code Wizard, so I downloaded it and checked it out. Some obvious differences in the new Device Builder are:

  • the Service Author is now integrated whereas it was previously a separate tool;
  • a dateTime type is now included.

Haven't had time to check in more depth yet but intend to do so. Is there any documentation or other documentation available?


You may find the attached help file useful.


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Downloadchemical/x-chemdraw UPnP.chm250.82 KB

The latest release of the Device Builder (Updated August 1, 2007) seems ot have overcome the problems that I experienced with the Java code generator.

Thanks to bgpearn (again!) for recently bringing the following to light --I'm posting the resolution in case others are out there wondering the same thing:

Q. I did run into trouble trying to invoke actions with date parameters from
the Intel Device Spy. I had previously found that the Siemens Generic
Control Point that it accepted dates in the ISO 8601 format (eg.
"YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss") but a device generated by the new Device Builder
prompts for a java.util.GregorianCalendar and responds with
"UPnPInvokeException: System.Object expected; not System.String".

A. Right click on the UPnP Icon in the upper right of the invoke dialog, and uncheck "PreValidate arguments". It should pass the dateTime argument.


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