Intel device builder tool bug report

Intel device builder tool bug report

Hello All

I found a bug in intel device builder tool.

If we define a service as following in device builder tool

Service Type : urn:schemas-opencable-com:service:Diag:1

Service ID: Diag

After device builder tool generate the upnp stack code and be created by .NET

and run the Sample application.

Using Device Spy tool to get the device service xml of this sample application you just built

you can find that the Diag Service ID is :


This is not correct , because we have specified the device type to be "urn:schemas-opencable-com" which is not a standard uPnP service defined by upnp forum.

but the device build tool still make the Service Id to be urn:upnp-org .....

it should be urn:opencable-com:ServiceId:Diag

can this bug be fixed ?



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I have also been experimenting with the Intel UPnP tools:

Does Intel (or anyone else for that matter) support these tools anymore. The Intel website offers us the opportunity to:

Intel Tools for UPnP Technologies - Discussion Forum

Sign up today and connect with other developers and Intel experts to get the latest tips for using Intel Tools for UPnP Technologies.

But following the link reveals that this forum no longer exists. Questions about UPnP and the Intel tools in particular on other Intel forums mostly appear to go unanswered. The version of the Authoring Tools that is available for download is about 18 months old so I assume that Intel has discontinued development and support.

If you use version 2718 of the tools, then in the UI, specificy "urn:opencable-com:ServiceId:Diag" as the ServiceID, and it will use that as the service ID. If you simply type "Diag", it will automatically think you are talking about a standard service ID, and prefix it appropriately.

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