Lack of Examples

Lack of Examples


I am trying to implement a simple UPnP ContentDirectory browser in C# for a demo im putting together.

I have gone through the documents that exist, but it seems the upnp information is very scarce.

All I would like to have, is a simple browser which represented the tree structure that the ContentDirectory reports back, using theBrowse() action.

Where can I find an example of this? Im having difficulty invokeing the Browse() action for a start, and am loosing faith in the uPnP system.

Please help.

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What particular problems are you having with invoking the Browse action? Are you getting a UPnP Error code back as the result? If so, most likely you are passing in incorrect parameters in the invocation.

For example, when browsing a Media Server for the first time, the parameters to pass are:

ObjectID = 0

BrowseFlag = BrowseDirectChildren

Filter = *

Starting Index = 0

RequestedCount = 10 (this number is arbitrary, it simply tells the server how many results you want)

SortCriteria = (leave blank)

If this is not the problem you are having, I can provide more assistance if you supply more details about your specific issue.

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