Intel UPnP Tools & Windows 98

Intel UPnP Tools & Windows 98

I have tested some tools, like DigitalMediaRender or Scanner on my XP workstation without any problem.

Now I want to use them on a Windows 98 computer. I have installed UPnP on this computer, tested that UPnP works, used an application called UPnPTest (found on the web) which has discovered without problem all my UPnP stuff present on my network.

But, none of the WIN32 tools of intel work on my Windows98 Computer.

Some idea ?


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On another forum Sailesh Rathi says:
"The reason I say that UPnP is not fully supported is because you cannot host devices on a Windows 98 based system. The full functionality of UPnP (as defined by the spec) is not available on Windows 98/98SE. Only IGD Control point support and discovery is available in 98/98SE."

Can someone confirm this information ?


Let me guess... we have here a "Speek in the desert" like forum...

Have someone found or received any answer or advise about something?

What specific errors are you running into running the tools on Windows 98? I have tested that the tools do function under windows 98, so long as it has the .net runtime installed.

The previous comment about Windows 98 lacking support for UPnP only applies (as far as I know) to the Microsoft Device Host SDK, which was not supported on the Win 9x family until Windows ME.

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