Device Discovery Problem with Multiple Adapter

Device Discovery Problem with Multiple Adapter

I am using Intel UPnP SDK for my C# based UPnP application. Normally UPnP device discovery works without any issues, but as soon as i connect to internet my application doesn't detect any UPnP device. I use USB modem to connect with my ADSL connection. I also tested with "Device Spy.exe"(Part of Intel UPnP Tools) and the result is same. I created NetworkInfo class and added the functions OnNewInterface and OnInterfaceDisabled. As soon as i connect with my internet the OnInterfaceDisabled function is called along with the IP address "" and OnNewInterface function is also called along with my public(internet) IP. The reverse happening if i disconnect the internet connection and there after my(also "Device Spy.exe") device discovery succeeds and finds UPnP devices.
Anybody know solution for this problem?

Thanks in Advance

Siva Chandran P

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What is your exact network topology? (How many networks is your computer connected to?)

It could be very possible, that when you connect to your ISP, your ISP is blocking UPnP traffic by disabling multicasts.

However, if your computer has two network interfaces, your local interface should still support UPnP just fine.

What version of the tools are you using? If you use v2718, NetworkInfo will not remove loopback from the list of addresses, so that you should at least always be able to detect devices running on your local machine.

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