Intel UPnP Tools dosen't work questions.

Intel UPnP Tools dosen't work questions.


I have a problem that can't play audio and vedio files which found in UPnP Media Server Mediatomb in Intel UPnP Media Renderer.

I am trying to build a UPnP Media Server and Renderer in my computer. I setup Intel UPnP SDK andselect "Mediatomb" as the Medai Server under Linuxon FC4, use Intel AV Media Controller and AV Media Renderer as Renderer on windows.

After I build the Media Server and Render under Linux and windows, with port 1900open . I shared a folder with many audio and video files which all can be played by window media player when run the Media Server Mediatomb. Then I run Media Renderer on window. Through Intel AV Media Controller I can find "Mediatomb" and can browse the content of share directory, that's all OK.

But when I try to play what I see, I failed. When I saw the audio and vedio files on Intel AV Media Controller, I selected a file and letf clicked, then selected "send to Intel Media Renderer", after that apromptwindow "Renderer-Intel Medai Renderer"will be shown,but it didn't play the file I selected.

I don't know what's wrong with it. And I captured the communication data by "Sniffer".I checked the data,but only find the communication data of NOTIFY, M-SEARCH, and the data to request and response to get the directory content. But no further control information or event data was found.
I don't why and where it stopped to work.

Eager for help. Thanks!



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In the AVMediaController tool, select "Help", then "Show Debug Information".

Then click the green circle... Then select, "Send to renderer" again, like you did previously. The debug window will show a network trace of what was going on, including all the calls that were made to each device.You can use this to check if any errors were recieived from either device as well as the URI of what was sent to the renderer.

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