Escaping xml before raising event

Escaping xml before raising event

Hi,I have a media Renderer which is trying to generate AVTransport.Evented_LastChange events.If I set this to a fully escaped XML string, such as (VB.NET code)AVTransport.Evented_LastChange="",the event appears in Device Spy as:So far so good.However, I need to see the following event string in Device Spy:">ie, the escaped XML within my speech marks hasn't been touched.But if execute this code:AVTransport.Evented_LastChange = """>"Device Spy reports the following event:">and this isn't what I want.How can I send a correctly formatted string from my Renderer so that certain text doesn't end up getting unescaped????

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I have seensimilar thingson other events strings and it turned out to be the parsing of the string. I will need a day or so to try to duplicate the problem and see if I can see what you are seeing. Look as far as you can down the call stack prior to the send and I will do the same.

I will let you know if I find anything.


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