Upnp use cases.... general help

Upnp use cases.... general help

Hi again,Is it just me or is there a strange absence of online info with regards to developing standard uPNP media servers/renderers/control points.Sure there are white papers and specifications, but nothing you can grab and get quick answers. Where's all the on-line forums (this one is easy to find but is like a bone-yard)?I've used the Intel DeviceBuilder to create + export stacks based on servers and renderers running on my computer. Very nice.....But I have no idea as to how/when I should generate events and so-on within my code.For example, my renderer has been succesfully given a list of songs to play...My code can play the 1st song no problem, but when it finishes, I have no idea what events I should generate or how to tell the Control Point that the song is changing.... where's the use cases? I am so lost..... arrgh!Any pointers much appreciated.

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Lol, well persistence pays off...

To answer my own question:

Document "UPnP AV Architecutre:0.83" has lots of use cases for interaction.

"AVTransport:1 Service Template Version 1.01" has information regarding Transport control.

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