Cover art and UPnP.

Cover art and UPnP.

Hi Rich and all,I've been learning upnpfor a couple weeks now, and using the SDK I'm now seeing my test metadata being passed from my CDS to my renderer from 3rd party control points.... sweet! Transport events are also working.Next, I would like cover art to appear on this control point. However I have no idea how this whole concept works in the upnp world....I see within a track container an element called .....what do I put inside this? I know I have a file on my shared folders called \AtlasAudioU2Popfolder.jpg, but I know that I can't simply use this format.Can anyone give a bit of an idiots guide to all of this and if there's functions that will help within the Intl upnp code?Many thanks!!!

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I see that within the supplied source code, one of the 2 provided .NET samples is a SampleMediaServerTransfer, which does demonstrate in c# the setup of a CDS serving an image file.HOWEVER, this sample is built against an out of date version of UPnP.dll requiring old .dlls (UPNP_AV / UPNPAVCDSML / UPNPAVMSDV), and the code doesn't work or compile against the latest version of UPnP.dllHas anyone ported this test and got it working with the current dlls?

Did you solve this problem. There is an engineer that is working with me to extract album art if it is embedded in the file or recognize the album art if it is placed in the same directory as Microsoft does for wma. I wasn't sure if this is what you were looking for. At that point what I have done in the past is provide the URL to the album are to display, similar to how RSS feeds do today. If this doesn't help could you give me more detais.

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