Where is the documentation for the c# UPnP Stack?

Where is the documentation for the c# UPnP Stack?


I am having a great amount of trouble locating any solid info on the .Net UPnP stack. The media server example application that comes with the sdk doesn't really show much at all. Is the source available for the stack? It appears that it might have been included in the SDK at some point, but I can't find it in the current SDK. Any help would be most appreciated.


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Please find the documentation you require attached to this post.


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Downloadchemical/x-chemdraw UPnP.chm250.82 KB


When Idownload and open UPnP.chmI can view the table of contents but all the pages result in "The page cannot be displayed" errors.How can I get a working version of the document?


Seth Cantrell

i was getting the 'page cannot be displayed' error in Vista.

had to right click on the CHM file, go to its properties, and 'Unblock' the file. then the CHM worked properly.

Thanks, casey

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