something about Intel UPnP AV Wizard

something about Intel UPnP AV Wizard

hello ,I want tomake aprogram like Intel UPnP AV Wizard(has HTTP media streaming server inside),can anyone tell me what should I do?

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Yes I think we have something that may help you create a program similar to the UPnP AV Wizard but I need more information on what you would like to do. For example, is it an SDK for others to develop with or end product? Does it generate source for an HTTP server or is it a binary and interface to the streaming server.

Microsoft 2003 and 2005 have two very different ways to generate a "project wizard" as well which may be useful for you to look at. One uses COM to register the plug-in, the other uses an XML description file.

I hope we can be of help.

Hi,thank you very much for your reply,actuallyI want tomake a plug in program to windows media play,that is ,using windows media play as a UPnP server and control point,each time I operate on WMP,Media Render will do the same thing(like seek,play,stop,previous,next....),but I'm very curiousabout how UPnPAV Wizard implement theHTTP media streaming server...Can you give me some suggestion about it ??
(forgive my poor English,I'll try my best to make it clear.....)

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This is a little different than my first impresson of what you wanted to do. My understanding is that you would like to use the UPnP wizard to generate an HTTP AV server plug-in for WMP? I will look and see if I can get some information that will/can help you out on this, I just wanted to post this message to let you know I am working on it. If anyone else has any suggestions on this We would appreciate your help.


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Hi,thank you very much for your advance!!for last 2 months,I use Intel's UPnP device builder successfully maked my own AV Render(a speaker),but what Ireally wantis I cancontrol the media Render directly using the player we used to(exp,WMP,Winamp....)rather than open a AV server and a control point......just like On2Share media Server!!if you got any clue,please make me know more about it,thank you very much ~~~

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Hi,: ),after several days study,I still can't say I know what I should do to implement a application like UPnP Intel AV Wizard,but Igot some clues,I don't know if itwill work so please give me some advice if you are free : ) thank you !!....

1.implement a HTTP Server(maybe I can use HTTP Server API).

2.In the GET method,send the file which WMP is playing to the UPnP AV Renderover socket .....

I don't know,am I right?


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You are on the right track. Did you create the AV server sample application? If so you will have to take the executable that was created and create a Windows Media Player plug-in from that executeble. Also create the AV control application. You can use the UPnP client in the control application to send the commands to the Media Player and receive them via the AV server you created. I am not sure if you are trying to stream data to the server or not? Or are you trying to just control it actions. For example, start, stop, play, fastword etc? Adding trick modes should be just a matter of adding more commands if you are using media player to render the content. Perhaps when I get some time I can create some samples for you. Do you have snippets of code you have questions on?

Let me know if this has helped or I am missing your question.

hi dear Rich,: ),these days are the Chinese traditional holiday,Spring Festival,we are off work these days~I'll work harder after I back to work,HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~

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