Device Spy and Device Builder Devices

Device Spy and Device Builder Devices

(Using a C# exported device from device builder)

I'm having a problem seeing devices built by device builder (version 1.0.1725.27554) with device spy (versin 1.3.1768.24086). I also cannot see messages with Device Sniffer (version 1.0.1768.24081) from these devices.

The only difference I can tell between the devices that I can see and cannot see is that the devices I cannot see use HTTP 1.1 in the headers instead of HTTP 1.0.

BUT, once device spy sees a device using HTTP 1.0, it can suddenly see HTTP 1.1 devices as well.
Scenario 1:
- start device spy
- start my newly built device
- device spy doesn't see the new device

Scenario 2:
- *do scenario 1*
- device spy unaware of new device...
- start an older application (such as the MicroLight for windows example application from the Micro Tools directory)
- then start my newly built device (the new device can be left on, or restarted, the results are the same)
- device spy sees both applications (and can interact with both)

Just as a side note, device scanner from the Micro Tools directory seems to work as predicted and can see the new device without any problems.

Any idea what could be causing this? Thanks!

michael =)

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