Query on E3 processor

Query on E3 processor


I have some questions on choosing a platform for TXT and VT-x experiments.

1. Can I use the combination of E3 1235 and DQ67EP for TXT?
2. Does E3 1235 support "unrestricted guest" and "1g-paging"? I checked E3's datasheet, page 38 states vt-x features and unrestricted guest is not included. But isn't unrestricted guest available for all SNB processors with vt-x?

Thanks in advance!

Jianan Hao

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Hi Jianan,
Thanks for your post. I checked out your processor and it is fully capable of supporting TXT and VT-x. Your board is also capable of TXT. One thing to be aware of: VT-x / VT-d must be enabled for TXT support. You should be able to do this through the BIOS.


Hi Jianan,
I am not sure about the answer for your second question as I don't know alot about TXT. Here's a webpage that may have the answers you seek. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/trusted-execution-technology/malware-reduction-general-technology.html

Here's another link that may help: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/intel-trusted-execution-technology/


Thanks Judy!

The second question is actually about processor features (CPUID and VMX feature). 1g-page allows processor use 1G page entry besides 2M and 4K. "unresitricted guest" allows real mode guest VM.

This thread said only 5600 and E7 support 1g-page. So I guess my E3 will miss that feature.

I just ordered DQ67EP and E3 1260L, I will post my test result later.

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