IntelTXT VMware vCenter PlugIn

IntelTXT VMware vCenter PlugIn

Where can in find a download of the IntelTXTDemoPlugIn referenced in this paper?

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Here is what I could find:

It looks like there is a TXT plug-in for VMWare starting with version 4.1.  You need the VMWare Web Services SDK to access the API. Page 22 of that doc talks about where the folder for the plug-in should be on your computer.  

"In order to access the measurements (and provide basic attestation) for a given ESXi Server from within vCenter for decision making, Intel has provided a reference plug-in to vCenter called the Intel TXT plug-in. This is registered with vCenter server using the VMware ExtensionManager APIs. This plug-in is a web application as per the requirement of the vCenter for extending its functionality. The plug-in retrieves the PCR information through vSphere Web Services SDK, compares it with the good known values, and shows the corresponding status in the plug-in UI."

Here is a link to a Blog regarding TXT - it has a lot of reference material in it that you may find helpful.

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