All SINIT binaries

All SINIT binaries


I was wondering if it's possible to get an exhaustive set of SINIT binaries from somewhere. My understanding is that for newer platforms these are no longer published on the web, and are provided as part of the BIOS. I want to maintain a full set of these SINIT binaries, along with newer ones as and when they are published.


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We always recommend using the latest available software releases, and  recommend that you use the latest available SINIT ACMs. Therefore, older SINIT ACMs are not archived on


Thanks for your quick response.

To clarify: I'm not looking for older SINITs. I'm looking for a set of all current SINITs. My understanding is that even for the currently valid SINITs, all are not available on

In particular I've encountered _new_ server platforms for which SINIT modules are not available at

Are you saying that all currently valid SINITs should be available at ?

Hi - Ok I am checking on this.  

Was an answer ever found to this?


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