Which processors have TPM 2.0?

Which processors have TPM 2.0?

Hello all!

Which Intel processors have integrated TPM 2.0? How one can find such an information? I know that all processors with TXT technology support TPM, but as I understand it is version 1.2, am I right?

Second question. I have also seen in the presentation https://intel.activeevents.com/sf13/connect/sessionDetail.ww?SESSION_ID=... on page 27 that there is an emulator for TPM 2.0. Is it available somewhere, for research purposes?

Thank you!

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Hi - version 1.2 is the latest version available today.  2.0 will be aligned with the next generation of product launches.

I am currently trying to find out if there is an emulator.  I'll reply again when I get an answer.


Hello! Thank you for your answer!

I actually found the emulator recently from Microsoft, so one problem is solved. I also got more information on the available FPGA emulator and availability.

However, I got some signals that some of your latest processors already have TPM 2.0, but I cannot find relevant information on your site. For example, one friend of mine bought a laptop Asus Transformer Book T100, and there IS TPM2.0 with Manufactorer Name: INTC (is not it 4-bytes code for Intel? 4-bytes are used in TPM standard to code the manufacturer...) He also says "Anything with their latest Atom Z37xx processors in it *should* have it." - but I could not find that information on Intel's site. So, that was also the reason why I am asking - how do I know which processors have TPM2.0 integrated?


Interesting - here is what I was just told about the Emulator:  You are supposed to be a Trusted Computing Group member and you need to have an Intel NDA.  Is the emulator that you found a Microsoft product or is it and Intel product?  

Regarding TPM versions - further clarification:  TPM is a platform feature, not a processor feature.  You need to ask your OEM what, if any, TPM is supported, and which version.

I do not know if it is a product of Microsoft or not, but the full sources (client part + server emulator + the link to FPGA/hardware emulator) are openly available at https://tpm2lib.codeplex.com/, written in C# .NET

Yes, our company is actually a TCG member. As far as I heard Intel processors' TXT technology relies on TPM, and it is also interesting that the TPM2.0 manufacturer name in that laptop was "INTC", which likely means it is an Intel's product, either on-chip or next to it (that I don't know exactly).

But... if you are not sure about that situation then it's ok.

Thank you again for your help!

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