Error codes

Error codes

I note a number of error code questions - I have the error code document and so I can decode a good deal of it , but the minor error codes are vague. Perhaps they are vendor specific? In any case a detailed description which would allow trouble shooting would be great.

Is there such a document?


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SINIT Error Code decoders are available as part of the SINIT AC module download.  You can find the correct kit based on your processor from this article Within each kit is a SINIT Errors document with decoder. Be SURE to choose the correct generation of processor as the codes do change meaning.

Ok - I do have that document - I just made sure it was the correct one.

I've decoded the  error to be a class 4 (progress 4) major error 1 (TPM Error) and a minor error code 3d - there's not much in the way of a description in the document as to what 3d means - or perhaps I'm just not looking in the correct place - it's a pretty short document.

I also verified that I'm using the correct SINIT module


You are right about not listing the minor error codes in the Intel document if they are in bits 23:15.  Those error codes come from the TPM and we just read them through. I did find TPMv1.2  Error Code Cheat Sheet several places on the web that broke these down, but I'm told for spec of the errors, check out   Just FYI, 0x3D showed as (in the Cheat Sheet) "locality incorrect for the attempted operation."

Ok - so am I interpreting this incorrectly or is the problem in the TPM ACM/SINIT code?


Yes it is an error from SINIT ACM. But the actual error is coming from the TPM itself (the 23:15 bits). 

Closing out this thread as the 3D error code in this issue was thrown by the ST Micro TPM. More questions regarding their index's is in:

For decoding errors, info is in the thread above as to what documents to use.

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