TXT Error code 0xC0001061

TXT Error code 0xC0001061



I'm trying to get TXT working with RHEL 7 on a platform that has an Intel i7-4700EQ. I'm using the 4th-gen-i5-i7-sinit-75.zip that I downloaded from the Intel website. I'm also using Tboot 1.8.3. I'm fairly new to TXT so please keep that in mind.


Tboot will run during boot, but then a warm reboot occurs after the SENTER instruction. The error code on the second boot shows 0xC0001061. I decoded this as Class=6, Major=4, Minor=0. The description for this error is “No match is found for Element. Element type being processed is reported via minor error code.”


Could someone please explain this error message further? What element types are available? Where should I begin to look to fix this error?




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Changed answer - I had the two columns in the wrong order - so you are correct in your interpretation of the error code (and I was not, although mine was easier to have fixed :>})..........I do know that an engineer at Intel is investigating this for you and will reply here when they have info for you - ad apologies for the wrong info.





Thank you for looking into this. Any idea when there might be an answer?



I'm now having the same issue in a similar scenario.

Andrew, did you get to solve it?

Thanks in advance!


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