TPM 2.0 Provisioning

TPM 2.0 Provisioning


I am trying to provision TPM 2.0 to enable TXT (Trying to create PS and AUX NV indexes). Attached is platform log file from ServerTXTinfo.efi tool.

I have all the TPM 2.0 provisioning tools from Intel with some sample defination files. My TPM 2.0 device is shown grayed out with SHA1 hash policy in BIOS (attached picture 1).

Intel didn't include definition files for SHA1 algorithm so I have modified some files to support SHA1 algorithm. Currently I have these files in provisioning folder (attache picture  2).

I get provisioning failed error when I try to use TPM2TXTPROV.nsh script (attached picture 3).

I have also tried ResetPlatformAuth script but it also results in some error.

Any help will be highly appreciated.








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