tboot with NUC - Missing SINIT.bin

tboot with NUC - Missing SINIT.bin


I'm looking to install and use tboot on an NUC device (NUC5i5MYHE). that has a TPM 2.0 chip on the motherboard.

the device identifier is :

vendor_id: 0x8086

device_id: 0xb005
revision_id: 0x1

And this list here does not have the correct SINIT.bin file:


How can I gat the required file?


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What OS are you running?

Support for TPM version 2.0 requires a UEFI-enabled operating system, such as Microsoft Windows 8 and later. Microsoft Windows 7 does not support TPM 2.0.

Hello Joseph,

I'm running ubunto 17.04 latest versio, and trying to setup the tboot in GRUB. Working using the steps here:


I require the SINIT file relevant to my TPM/Motherboard, and it is not avilable from the list in Intel site (see previous message)

Is it possible to add the relevant SINIT.bin file for my device for 

device_id: 0xb005


I am also interested in testing TXT and TPM 2.0 integration using the NUC5i5MYHE; however, after enabling TXT support the device goes into a reboot loop, never getting past the initial splash screen. I've seen this once before, when testing with a machine that had an unprovisioned TPM 1.2 device (No AUX index and unlocked NVRAM)... though I'm not sure if that is the issue in this case... nor am I sure if the required indices are the same between TPM 1.2 and 2.0 devices. Any help that you can provide would be sincerely appreciated. If you don't believe that this device has the feature support that I need for this, I would also appreciate a recommendation for an alternative test system.

I'm also facing the same issue with my NUC5i5MYHE. Any updates on this issue?

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