vPro with multiple displays

vPro with multiple displays

Hi, I'm currently using meshcommander connecting to a Windows 10 system though remote desktop that has 3 monitors.

When first connecting it gives the option to choose which screen to view but once connected to that screen there does not appear to be a way to change to any other screen?

Also there seems to be an issue when I'm seeing one monitor and able to move the mouse but it is moving the mouse on the wrong monitor on the users side, is there a way to correct this?

Thanks for any help.

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Hey Richard

As for switching between screens, currently you do need to drop the connection and reconnect to move to another monitor.

As to the mouse issue, it sounds more like an OS driver stack issue. What OS are you using on the Management system and AMT client?


Hi Joe, Thanks for that, sorry its taken a while to respond.

Both the Management and Client systems are running Windows 10 Pro v1703.

Tried the connection again today with 3 screens on the client side, while the selected screen shows the flashing border around it (screen 2 or 3), the mouse only controls screen number 1.

The management console screen shows the mouse moving and whichever screen is chosen but as the mouse is actually on a different screen, any clicks take affect on that hidden monitor.

Thanks again for the help.

Hey Richard

A few more questions

Can you take a moment and compare behaviors between RealVNC plus and RealVNC plus. Let me know if there is a behavior difference in regards to the mouse control.

What OEM and model is the AMT Client?

Download RealVnc Plus 



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