Selection Different Sheets at the Excel

Selection Different Sheets at the Excel

I want to read data from different sheets instead of ActiveSheet at the excel application, so I need to select any sheet named by me.
I tried to use $Worksheet_Select function but I it didn't work. I think I made mistake while giving the arguments.
Is there anybody to show a brief code for this at the this Fortran Forum?

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The Excel VBA statements:


will activate and select a sheet. The value in parentheses can be either numeric or a character string. Once the sheet is selected, the Worksheet_Select function for that sheet is automatically invoked.


Thanks for your reply, but my question is a little bit different.
The statements you gave are for Excel Macro.
I want to select and activate sheets from Fortran, not from excel macro/Visual Basic Editor.

I am facing similar situation, and wonder if u could help me. I have to read data from an excel sheet, and after all the calculation, the result data has to be stored on different sheets of excel file.
I compiled and executed AUTODICE, but because of my limted awareness in COM programming, I am not able to modify it according to my requirements.

Hope you can help me.
Thanks in advance.

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