Work flow in CVF

Work flow in CVF

I am moving from a standard Unix Fortran work environment (with make files) to CVF. I'm looking for suggestions for a streamlined work flow, specifically ideas about nesting "projects" within "workspaces", dependencies, etc.

For a start, I've slightly altered some Fortran code to serve as a dll that can be accessed by Excel, and I have a tiny main program console app to drive/test it. I've included both the console app and the dll as separate projects in the same workspace. But, actually, it's sort of a pain to have to switch back and forth, compiling the dll, then reexecuting the driver.

Is there an obvious and simple way to do this so that, if I make a change in either the main program or the dll, a single command or keystroke will compile, link, and execute the appropriate pieces?

As you can guess, I am confused about how "dependencies" work in CVF. Did I miss a key chapter in the documentation somewhere? I can't find a word written about how to set dependencies or what they mean.

Many thanks for any advice you folks might have for me.

Tom Kreutz

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Project..Dependencies. Make the main project dependent on the DLL project. This has the side benefit of automatically linking the DLL's export library into the main project.


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Thanks very much for your helpful suggestion. That indeed does make things easier.


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