"Hanging" compiler

"Hanging" compiler

My compiler (6.6B) "hangs" when compiling in Developer Studio. I.e. does not complete compiling. Task Manager indicates DevStudio "running", and when attempting to kill program, system responds that I can not do so due to ongoing build process. Have tried recompiling a number of previously perfectly working projects. But, the same happens no matter what.

Running DVF 6.6B on W2K (fully updated). Then I uninstalled DVF and Aview completely, cleaned up registry and reinstalled the basic enchilada (DVF 6.0A). Still the same problem.

Anybody with any ideas as to what this might be?

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I have had similar problems with mine, but not consistently. I have been able to shut Dev Studio down and reenter and compile with no problems afterwards. However, there have been a few times, while in the debugger that it has hung up and I have been unable to get out of it without a complete shut down of my system. I too am wondering what this problem stems from.

Any idea Steve?


No idea, sorry. It sounds like a system-related problem to me.


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If you are right; which you very well may be; then I ask myself if this can be caused by Windows Update (in my case for W2K Pro). After all, Bill drops new updates into the basket pretty frequently..

But again, after getting the problem, today I wiped out my 6.6B installation and reinstalled 6.0A from the CD.. And have the same problem..


I wish I could offer some advice for you, but I haven't heard of this before and don't know what to suggest. I install all the various Windows updates and haven't seen such behavior.


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Jane, your problem when debugging, and maybe even Tor's problem, may depend on that CTFMON is running in the background. Look here or read the whole thread here.

Hope this helps,

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Interesting thread you had there. But, I'm running W2K Pro and not XP.. There is no "ctfmon" running here, but an "internat.exe" which I guess might be the W2K function for regional settings (among which are the tray icon allowing me to switch "input locales" - in my case between Norwegian and English). I'll try to kill that cat and check for changes in DevStud behavior.

Meanwhile, I was able to compile one of Steves (CVFs) sample programs. But, then it hang during linking.. So no joy.


I also run CVF 6.6B on W2KPro/SP3 and I have not seen the problem you report. But try the following:

1. get msconfig.exe, the XP config file that also runs under W2K. This allows you to control what programs fire up at startup. You might want to clip the list.
2. search this forum for the 'Useful Debug Tools' posting. The tools will tell you exactly what's going on when you compile from VS and more.

Gerry T.

Lady and gents,

I am very sorry there is a chance I have sent you guys chasing after the impossible. Here goes:

My c:drive crashed primo May, and I rebuilt the computer over the following days including CVF from 6.0A up to 6.6B (thanks again Steve!). Did not use CVF until couple of days ago. Now I check my "Eventviewer" and see there are reports of bad block(s) on my CD (DVF_PRO_INTEL_V6)..

The following three files are affected (F: = CD station):


all by cyclic redundancy check errorcode: 23

The last two files, at least the latter of those being a help file (that I can read perfectly well), are copied to my installation. What "setupaxp.exe" does, is beyond me. And I do not know if that one can be the culprit..

The darnest thing is that no error messages shows during installation. So I had no "signals" that something was amiss with the CD.

Any ideas as to whether I have identified the cause of my problem? Any ideas as to how to circumvent the problem?

64 deg North/currently 82 deg F - how's that for consolation for me!


Solved the problem with hanging compiler / linker!!

The culprit was W2K / myself in a manner I am not sure.. I solved the problem be defining a "New User" on my WS. Then CVF flies!

I guess this implies that my "user account" had been corrupted; one way or the other. Anyway, the problem is history.

Thanks for help given here.


SETUPAXP.EXE isn't used - it's there in case you tried to install this cd on an Alpha processor system. The other two files are Microsoft SDK documentation files - nothing to do with the compiler.


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