Viewing long text output

Viewing long text output

I am using CVF Standard Edition 6.1.A to write a QuickWin application. I have opened and sized the text window with the follwing statements:

open (UNIT= 10, file = 'user', title = 'Results', &
iofocus = .true. )
winfo.H = 100
winfo.W = 85
iret = SETWSIZEQQ(10, winfo)

I am writing a large number of text lines to this child window using the WRITE command. I can see the text appearing as it is been written in the window. However, when it is done writing, I am able to scroll up to review the output text, but only up to a certain line. This is true even if I increase the height of the text window.

Is it possible to be able to scroll up all the way to the beginning of the text to review the entire output?

Thanks for your help,


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