How to set up the compiling order in VS IDE

How to set up the compiling order in VS IDE

I got a compiling problem under MS Visual Studio Envirnment. I have some source files(say, A.f90, B.f90, C.f90...) and need to compile them. I put them in the same project. Before A.f90 is compiled, C.f90 should be done first. I don't know how to setup the compiling order in MSVS IDE. It always compiles A.f90 first and occurs error message that it cannot find the module (in C.f90). Is there anyone could help me?


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Which compiler (and version) are you using? Is this the Visual Studio 6 (98) environment and not Visual Studio.NET?


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The IDE is VS.NET 2002. I re-create a new project and compile them. It works fine.

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