ICON file

ICON file

Hi all
I have generated an icon file with CFV but I dont know the way to link it with my executable file.

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1) Insert->Resource->Icon->Import. Browse for your icon.
2) File->Save. Save the .rc file as e.g. MyApp.rc
3) Project->Add to Project->Files->MyApp.rc. "Resource View" tab will appear next to the file list, so you can access all your resources from there.
4) Build.

Hint: it's a good idea to provide both 32x32 and 16x16 version of the icon. In resource editor, go to Image->New Device Image and select 16x16.


Thank you veru much for all your answers!!

Filip Louis

You probably noticed that the CVF environment provides one of the best icon editors.

Also of interest, it offers a neat way to "borrow" icons (or other resources) from any file, EXE, DLL or otherwise.

Under File, Open, Open As, select Resources before opening the file. (Select read-only to be safe.)


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