Quiting OpenGL window

Quiting OpenGL window

I have a small problem. After some computation a window with a graph appears - it is OK. When I try to make the computation again I got a message ERROR: "Failed To Register Window Class". Why? What's wrong?
When I debug it, it stops at the bold line.

Here is the part of the code where the window is created:

CALL fauxInitDisplayMode (IOR(AUX_SINGLE , AUX_RGBA))
CALL fauxInitPosition (0, 0, 480, 480)
iret = fauxInitWindow ("Phase Diagram"C)
call fauxReshapeFunc(LOC(Resize))
call fgluOrtho2d(DBLE(-1.0), DBLE(1.0), DBLE(-1.0),DBLE(1.0))
call fauxKeyFunc(AUX_SPACE,LOC(Mezernik))
call fauxMouseFunc(AUX_RIGHTBUTTON,AUX_MOUSEDOWN,Mezernik)
call CreateScene
call fauxMainLoop(LOC(nakresli))
call fauxCloseWindow ()

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One thing I forgot:
when this happens, after quiting the whole program it still runs and I have to end it via CTRL-ALT-DEL.


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