Backspacing in quickwin output

Backspacing in quickwin output

I am trying to create a quickwin app from a console app. However, I want to continue to have most of the input and output through the console window. Previously, the program used "Z'08'" to backspace so that you could overwrite output (such as 'Y', the Y is default and can be overwritten with N). I would like to maintain that capability, however, with the quickwin app, I can't get it to backspace past the last "'". I have tried using "" in the formatting but this doesn't work either. I'm sure the answer is staring me in the face, but I can't see it. Can someone please help?

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In QuickWin, you'll have to use SETTEXTPOSITION for this.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

Thanks! I also found the GETTEXTPOSITION which will give me the current position and then I can move the cursor back to where I want it with SETTEXTPOSITION. I had seen the GETCURRENTPOSITION before but not the GETTEXTPOSITION. It worked great.


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