Error about module files compilation

Error about module files compilation

When I want to build a project I get such an error message:

the source file "c:acc.f90" and "c:add.f90" are both configured to produce the output file"c:amod". The project can't be built.

cc.f90 and dd.f90 are module files started with keyword "MODULE". Only files in the directory c:a will use cc and dd.

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This happens if both of the .f90 files build the same module name - the identifier after the keyword MODULE. For example, if both have "MODULE FOO".


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No, that not the case. They have different identifiers.

I have solve the problem. In the File View list, right click this file, choose "Setting", Then "General" selection card, In the box "Output directories", input a name in "intermediate files", save. All done.


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