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Steve, can you address Win32 support in the next version?
The current descriptions of IVF explicitly state that Win32 API support is a mere afterthought, and that IVF is absolutely not recommended for apps which are heavily invested in Win32 API calls. Will this be so for the harmonic convergence, or is Win32 support to be abandoned as well, along with DevStudio v6?

Whatever it is you're reading, it does not pertain to anything called IVF, since there is no such product. Nor am I aware of anything that says Win32 support is an "afterthought" - do you have a reference for that?

Intel Fortran 7.0 includes Win32 API declarations based on CVF's, and they're pretty good for the most part. Some restrictions are based on the current lack of IF7's support for STRUCTUREs in modules. The "harmonic convergence", as you put it, will support Win32 API programming to the same level as CVF, at least.

I've tried a handful of CVF's Win32 samples with Intel Fortran 7 and was able to get most everything working.


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Is IF7 the same as CVF at the assembly language level (ie. same default calling conventions, same allocatable array descriptor structure, etc.)? That is, would there be major re-writes of assembly language subroutines currently called from CVF to enable them to be called from IF7.

Harry Bell

No, IF7 is not the same as CVF at the assembly level. IF7 uses the C calling convention, with arguments passed by reference and character lengths at the end of the argument list. CVF uses STDCALL with character lengths immediately following the address.

Intel Visual Fortran will adopt the IF7 convention (there may be some minor changes, but I can't think of them offhand.) There will, of course, be switches to get the CVF default back if you want.

Array descriptors are also different between the two implementations. I don't know what they will look like in the future.


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