Is there a way to specify that .f files are very, very wide? In particular I need to say my source is > 132 characters. Is this possible? I've tried different values to /extend_source, but it seems to only like 72, 80 and 132 (sheesh, the size of punch cards from 30+ years ago).

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No. Use free-form source instead (.f90 files). Though the standard limits you to 132 columns, CVF effectively has no limit on the length of free-form source lines.

Why do you need such long lines, though?


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I don't think I can use freeform, because this is somewhat legacy code, with things like 'C' in column 1 and '$' in column 6.

The reason the lines get so long is people were working on HPUX which basically allows unlimited line length with the /extend_source flag.

I can just go through and manually break the very long lines into 2 or more shorter lines, but I'd rather not do that.

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