Work space / Computer memory

Work space / Computer memory

I'm running this code in which I establish the workspace needed and let's say :
lenw = 15*xtent*ytent*ztent
LenIW = 15*xtent*ytent*ztent
So the code needs 15 times the number of nodes on my grid. The problem comes when I use a larger 3D domain let's say 500x500x500 this means the code would need a workspace of 1.875e9 and my computer freezes. Is this a RAM memory problem or how could I make this run?

thank you

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You're asking for an array almost 2GB in size. What's probably happening is that Windows is trying to expand the swapfile and having a hard time of it - adding more RAM would help, but even so, you're pushing hard on the architectural limit of 32-bit Windows.

If you need a program that large, start considering a 64-bit system such as Itanium 2.


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