saving files

saving files

I am a newcomer to Visual Fortran and have a problem with a program. One of my drag-down menus allows me to save a data file to disk after program execution is complete, however, the file can not be saved to disk unless it is in the same folder location as the executable version. What would cause this. Pardon my ignorance...

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If you want help you will need to describe more precisely any error you receive and also perhaps include the Fortran source involved.


If you are supplying the filename, then I guess you are
processing the name you supply somewhere later.
You should supply a path with the filename. Maybe you are not doing this, maybe your later processing is stripping the path from
the filename. Only you can give details on this.
I would recommend that you set-up and use a call to
GETSAVEFILENAME, which uses an Explorer-type dialog to let you select a path and filename.

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