Use of ADO.Net DataSet)in .Net environment

Use of ADO.Net DataSet)in .Net environment

I'm currently evaluating Intel Fortran for the .Net environment. My question is if it is possible to use DataSets from within Fortran? Or is this not supported?
Why this questions: we are going to port our fortran code from VMS to Windows. We will not re-write the code in c# or another language. Data that was formerly stored/ retrieved in/from files will now be stored/retrieved in an oracle database.


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I'm not sure what you are asking here... OpenVMS does not have anything particular described by the term "datasets". What precisely are you using with OpenVMS, indexed files perhaps?


I'm not sure what Hilde is up to either, but I think Canaimasoft's f90SQL would be interesting to her.


If Hilde is using indexed files on OpenVMS, then Sector 7's VX/RMS may be of particular interest - no code rewriting needed.


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