Array Size Limits

Array Size Limits

Using MS Powerstation several years ago, I created a Structure that I could lay the file structure of DTED land mass data in the Powerstation memory structure. I was very impressed with this ability because the data structure was just under 4 megs in size. The actual data in row column format is 1201 X 1201 in integer(2) format.

Moving this program to Compaq Visual Fortran, I run into warnings in the debuger stating array sizes cannot be larger than 1000. The data I was using was 30 arc second elevation posts. The US has since been mapped with 3 arc second data and the structures have doubled in size.
Q: how can I over come this limitation?

The second situation is that I need to place the entire file structure into a sequential byte array. This is not a problem because I have equivelenced the file array with the Structure in memory, I get warnings that my structures are not properly aligned with integer2 and integer4 memory structure data. The memory structure takes care of the different data integer sizes.The powerstation had a compiler option /Zp1 that handled this. Is there a way of doing this with the visual fortran?
This is my first message posting, if it is not clear I can supply the data structures. thanks


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The debugger warning applies only to the debug view of arrays - you can look at slices of at most 1000 elements at a time. It has nothing to do with how big an array you can declare in your code.

Structures get implicit padding - use /noalign to turn that off and /warn:noalign to turn off the warning.


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