Array visualizer installation

Array visualizer installation

In uninstalling the AV demo downloaded ffrom the website, I mistakenly removed the AV which was installed along with he compiler.

I have reinstalled the AV from the CD (says v1.5 Sep.2000) but I think that later compiler Pathces, updated AV as well.

What is the safest way to bring the AV back up to date? rerun the compiler pathces?
if so which ones?
do they have to be run in sequence?

Thanks, Tim

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Urgh. The most straightforward way would be to uninstall both CVF and AV and then reinstall and re-patch, but let's try this - no guarantees.

1. Install Array Visualizer from your CD.
2. Download the 6.5 to 6.6 upgrade from the web site and, using WinZip or similar, un-ZIP it into a temporary folder.
3. Delete all the .RTP files except the ones starting with CAV, AVS, W9X, WNT.
4. Run SETUP.EXE from that folder. You'll get an error message saying that some of the update files are missing - click OK to continue (I think).

This should get you up to 6.6/1.6. Now repeat the process with the 6.6B update.

Good luck!


Steve - Intel Developer Support

Just a reminder - if you have Array Visualizer installed, DO NOT install the "Demo" from the web site, as it will just create problems for you (and doesn't get you anything.)


Steve - Intel Developer Support

I know, I know!
It was dum. But the doc on AV is so terse I can't even figure out what the differnces between FAGL, FAV are.
And no overview of what the Fgrid is supposed to do.
The samples mix the use FAGL and AVis2D, and other points of confusion.

So I thought the demo muight at least show what the end product might be like.

Oh well.

The demo is just the Array Visualizer product without the AView lib or the ability to use the Avis2D, AvisGrid controls in an application.

The Array Viewer application does illustrate what the Avis2D and AvisGrid controls can do however. The Viewer just displays the two controls separated by a splitter bar. So anything you do with the Viewer you should be able to replicate with the controls.


STeve ,
Sorry but, I started doing the 65-66 upgrade. There was only ONE RTF file CAV6566.RTF which I kept.

But after the accept button it says:
"INstalled version (6.6B) is not supported by this upgrade-- upgrade cancelled"

Any suggestions?


There should also have been WNT6566.RTP and W9X6566.RTP - these are required. Note, not .RTF.

If you're willing to muck with the registry, look under HKLMSoftwareDigitalEquipmentCorporationVisualFortranCurrentVersion6.6. Change the Default value to a null string. See what that does.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

Dang I feel stupid for putting both of us through this.
Though the AV is somewhat to blame.

1. the update 65-66 does not have any RTF files, I have attached a screen shot.

2. The registry default value you mentioned was already "value not set". But the value of the key "VersionKeyString" was 6.6.
if I blank it out it still gives the same error as before.
If I set it to 6.5 it gives the same error but this time it somehow identifies the version as 6.6-2518.

Further suggestions will be most appreciated.

I have asked John separately if there is another way to upgrade the AV.


Here is the screenshot.

The screen shot shows lots of .RTP files. I never said .RTF. And I misremembered the file names of the two that I wanted you to keep - the D9X and DNT are the ones in addition to CAV.

If you can't get this to work, uninstall CVF and AV and reinstall.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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