how to make visible file save dialog (activex com) on modal dialog box

how to make visible file save dialog (activex com) on modal dialog box

i admin i am confused. cannot make the common dialog (comdlg32.ocx)
funtion appear (yet) on dialog box.
it is registered in reg. am using cominitialize and dflogm and module
generated by wizard. have the clsid and iid from module.

id of dialog box is TestA, id of common dialog (com) is CommonDialog.

sample of my error code is:

Subroutine DoDialog2(x)
use TestM
implicit none
include 'RESOURCE.FD'
integer retint,x
integer(4) interf,status,value,com
logical retlog
type (dialog) dlg
character(20) text
call ComInitialize(status)
retlog = DlgInit(TestA,dlg)
x = x*2
retlog = DlgSet(dlg,datax1,text)
retint = DlgModal(dlg)
retlog = DlgInit(CommonDialog,dlg)
retlog = DlgGet(dlg,CommonDialog,value)
call ComCreateObjectByGUID(CLSID_CommonDialog,CLSCTX_ALL,&
& IID_ICommonDialog,interf,status)
call ComGetActiveObjectByGUID(CLSID_CommonDialog,IID_ICommonDialog,&
& interf,status)
retlog = DlgGet(dlg,datax1,text)
call DlgUninit(dlg)
call DlgUninit(dlg)
call ComUninitialize()
end subroutine DoDialog2

this writes the text from subroutine one into the edit box, but does nothing to get the active x
com to display.

i want to stay with dfcom and not use dfwin here.
also, with out win32 api call, can the focus of the dialog box be set to the edit box, i.e. can i set the cursor in the edit box when the a dialog box is called with dfcom?

so what to do?
thanx for your help.

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