Coexistence of VS (6.0) and VS.NET?

Coexistence of VS (6.0) and VS.NET?


On one and the same machine I would like to keep my working VS 6.0 installation with MS C++ 6.0 and CVF 6.6B with workspaces and projects, but also have IF 7.0 and the latest MS C++ (.NET versions) available and coexisting to get familiarized with the new environment. Is this possible? What must be done to protect my old VS projects and workspaces? I believe that VS.NET converts them if you try to open them with VS.NET.

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They coexist just fine. All you have to be careful of is that you don't open your 6.x projects in VS.NET. Simply installing VS.NET doesn't touch your existing projects, and it installs into a separate directory tree. I have both on my system and use them both.


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me too. I use VS6.0 running CVF and currently I am testing (at least trying to) IntelFortran7.0 in .NET. on the same system. No problems at all. I have just adjusted the file .dsw to be opened by VS6.0 from folder options and there I go!

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