Problems with attachments in forum?

Problems with attachments in forum?

A few of you have mentioned, from time to time, problems posting attachments to this forum. I've never been able to reproduce this myself and don't have a good feel for where the problem is.

If you've experienced a problem here, please post as a reply a description of the steps you follow and what goes wrong. I'll then pass this on to the forum system developers. Thanks.


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I type in my message then press 'Preview' button...
then I press 'Go back and edit' button...
Then I press 'Attachfiles' button...

..and I press 'add attachments and post message' button
and I am surprised that it works!...
Yesterday I pressed the same button, after repeated preview and re-edits, and got no response.
Maybe it was the server?

The bug seems to be of Phase of the Moon type. It seems to occur when I write a long message and try to post the attachment at the end, but on a short message the feature works. However, possibly it doesn't depend on length of the post, but on what I do in the meantime (I tend to open all new posts at once in new IE windows and switch from one to another).

Test file attached.


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