Serial Port IO

Serial Port IO


On VAX fortran I could do an OPEN(file="TTA0:",...)
and open the a serial port for READ/WRITE.. I'm trying to see that I can do the same with Intel Fortran V7.0 before I start coding my sample project. I have a Windows2000 system with 6 COM ports and need to open all of them for READ/WRITE access.

I've searced the forum and found references to SPORT_xxx routines but can't find them described in the three manuals for Fortran on the web site?

Is there a pointer to an example?

Jon Crowell

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I think the SPORT routines are CVF. You should be able to do an OPEN(file="COM3",...) and do very basic things with the RTL. For more sophisticated work the Win32 routines really aren't hard to use, it depends on the kind of I/O you are planning to do.


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