RE: Debugging DLL called from managed code

RE: Debugging DLL called from managed code

Let me restate my previous post in case a briefer and clearer statement will elicit an answer.

Our architecture for porting a large legacy application invloves calling into an unmanaged DLL, produced by CVF, from a managed (dot net) main program. We have a method to set breakpoints in either the main program or the DLL. What would be better would be the ability to set breakpoints in both at the same time.

Is there a way to do this, or does Intel anticipate that it will become possible to do so in a future product release?

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I got the following information in response to a posting on the microsoft.dotnet.framework.interop forum:

1. Copy the .dll and .pdb file for the Fortran DLL (produced in VS6 by CVF) to the bindebug folder of the dot net exe.
2. In the configuration properties of the project properties for the dot net project, set "Enable Unmanaged Debugging" to "True".

Then you can debug both the managed and unmanaged code at the same time in the VS7 debugger. It is *slow* but it does work.

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