CVF to Intel

CVF to Intel

We are using CVF 6.6B and Winteracter
We are doing small programs, not much number crunching.
Now CVF and Intel came together.
Does this mean, that CVF will be gone soon ???
When is the right time to change to Intel Fortran ?


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The next significant release of Visual Fortran will be as an Intel product - look for that towards the end of this year.

Winteracter is available for Intel Fortran now, so if you wanted to make the transition now, you could. There is currently a special offer for CVF users where you can buy Intel Fortran for the "service renewal" price of $200 - this includes one year of free updates (which at this point would mean you'd get Intel Visual Fortran when it was released.) This offer expires March 31, but there will be upgrade pricing (currently not set) available when the new version is released.

Do note that Intel Fortran today is not 100% compatible with CVF, so you might have some minor recoding to do. If you're happy with what you have, I'd say there's no burning reason to change over now.


Steve - Intel Developer Support

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