f95 boz constant error

f95 boz constant error

I have upgraded a f77 project to use the f95 standards checking and i get this error:

C:TempFORTRAN CRYPTOSECURITY.FD(42) : Warning: Fortran 95 does not allow boz constant in this context. [Z'11A2']
INTEGER(4), PARAMETER :: TEST_PARAM = '11A2'Z ! Security code

On this line of code:
INTEGER(4), PARAMETER :: TEST_PARAM = '11A2'Z ! Security code

is there a new format in f95 to do this same concept? I am just trying to cast a hex value to decimal... please help!


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No - at present in the standard, binary/octal/hex constants are allowed only in DATA statements.


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Steve, I'm getting the same error message when using:

REAL(4) R1, R2
DATA R1/Z'00000000'/, R2/Z'00000100'/

This occurs with either Fortran 90 or 95 Standards Checking (Settings, Fortran, Compilation Diagnostics).
I'm running CVF 6.6B. Comments?


Interesting. I am out of the office this week, but will look into this when I return.


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